About Thompson Choppers

Few Can Compare.

Thompson Choppers combines their passion for fabricating, building and riding with skilled craftsmanship to produce hand-built motorcycle frames, springers and components. When you’re ready to build your next custom bike, make sure to start with the best components. Thompson Choppers specializes in producing all the major parts you’ll need for your build including frames, gas tanks, oil tanks, fenders and springer forks.
Unlike most shops, our primary business is building motorcycle and chopper frames. We offer frames built to any specifications, as well as our own line of production frames. We manufacturer Rigid, Softail or Swingarm in many configurations you’re looking for. From pro-street to bobber to full blown choppers, we have a set-up to fit your next build. All of our frame fabrication is done with precision jigs and fixtures and uses the finest DOM tubing available. Each frame is TIG welded for strength. All frames or rolling chassis kit comes with an MSO, which you’ll need for titling.
Our home in Springfield, Missouri is a region long noted for excellent craftsmanship and mechanical innovation. As one of the only motorcycle fabricators that engineer and manufacture our own components, we are proud to be taking motorcycles in a bold, new direction.
Stop fantasizing. Mow down the masses with a custom from Thompson Choppers.
“When you’re in the frame-building business, you know what sells. Thompson Choppers in Springfield, Missouri markets stretched-out, fat tire frames. And according to them, that’s been the story for the last few years. Thompson Choppers doesn’t perform many complete custom builds; they prefer to focus on their core business, constructing frames, front forks, gas tanks and fenders. But that doesn’t mean Thompson Choppers hasn’t put out more than a few bikes over the years…”
Read the whole story in American Iron, August 2010 issue.