Springer Forks & Frontends

Our Executioner Springers are handcrafted by machinist and bike builders, precision CNC machined and all TIG welded in-house. We produce 2 versions to choose from, a narrow and wide glide which allows for different style front wheels and hubs. The Executioner Springer frontends enable you to hurdle the wounded and trample the dead with a bulletproof ride. Every springer is custom built to order and calculated to give the best trail for your ride. Each Springer is shipped raw metal and comes with all hardware, including front axle, chrome springs, and stainless lower rockers. Available in either powder coat or color match paint.

Narrow Glide Springers
Wide Glide Springer


How to Measure for Your Springer…
Finish Options – Raw, Powder Coating or Chrome

NOTE: Position the frame level with the ground and set to final
ride height with rear wheel in place to ensure a proper fit

A: Measure vertically from ground to the bottom most part of the neck

B: Measure vertically from ground to center of the front axle

C: Measure overall neck length including cups, bearings, and dust covers

D: Measure rake of neck angle in degrees

Trying to color match your frontend to your frame?
Let us provide the exact match.Our springers can be delivered raw metal (Standard)or color matched in either powder coat or epoxy paint, or chrome plated.

Raw Metal Finish
Powder Coated
Chrome Plated
thompson_choppers_springer thompson_choppers_black_springer thompson_choppers_chrome_springer