PowerSport Institute – Journey to Vegas BikeFest 2012 with Thompson Choppers

The adventure actually started back in 2008 when the guys at PSI approached an old school builder by the name of Paul York who owns Thompson Choppers who specializes in custom motorcycle frames. Paul was told that PSI is a school in Cleveland Ohio and was starting a custom build program. His only remark at the time was “REALLY” and then a long sigh. It was explained that PSI’s goal / vision for success for students and the industry is promoting young blood in the custom bike building segment of the market and promoting excellence in education.

PSI bought the 1st roller from Thompson Choppers towards the end of 2008 which was a pro-street Sportster design unit that the students fell in love with. Furthermore, the PSI students ALWAYS love a challenge!

At that time, the current graduating class took a totaled Harley Davidson Sportster that Ohio Technical College / PowerSport Institute owner Marc Brenner picked up on eBay. At that point, the students were off to the races as they disassembled the wreck, inspected, corrected, and reconstructed a killer nice pro street custom motorcycle… all from the Thompson chassis and a wreck. Essentially, they made a silk purse from a sow’s ear, as the old saying goes.

These students where to graduate and they would not leave the campus until the project was complete and burning gas…….And burn gas it did! They graduated the day after completion of the project. Walked the isle to receive their diplomas proud and their heads held high that they has in fact achieved a great accomplishment and met their goal! That’s what makes this industry great

Since that time Paul York has been working with PSI in many different ways and always supports our efforts in Excellence in Education. One great motivation program at PSI was when Paul sent 2 LARGE boxes of t-shirts and hats to the students of PSI. The donation was to be earmarked for students motivated to improve on their GPA and get the Thompson swag as a reward. IT WORKED!!

Throughout the years of this great partnership Paul York has provided PSI with custom bikes for the exhibit in Cincinnati at the V-Twin Expo to add to the display in the booth for visiting dealers to view as we showcase PSI.

Recently Paul volunteered to provide components to convert one of our V-Rods into a café’ style machine. The students will build the bike using the Thompson components and show it in 2013 custom bike circuit shows nationwide. A couple of weeks ago, Paul really out did himself with the donation of a roller that is totally SICK for the Vegas Bike Fest that will take place in September 27th – 30th 2012.

This bike will be equipped with an S&S 124, a Baker 5 speed transmission, and of course Avon tires just to name a few of the components / sponsors of this project. The paint and material will be from Sherwin Williams and the work done in house at Ohio Technical College, the parent company of PSI.

The help from sponsors like Paul York / Thompson Choppers is what separates PSI from the pack. The dedication to the school and students of Paul as well as companies like S&S Cycle, Baker Driveline, Jim’s Machine, Matco Tools, K&L Supply, Daytona Twin Tec, Avon Tyres, Ride Wright Wheels, Sherwin Williams Auto Paint, Lincoln Welders, Gardner Westcott Fasteners, Spectro Oil, and numerous others assure that our students get to work with some the best names in the Motorcycle Industry.

From Marc Brenner (PSI Owner), Bernie Thompson (Campus Director) and every student and staff member at PSI, we give sincere thanks for all the support…….past, current, and future!


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